I am eager to support you in your call to serve. I traditionally support Non Profit Leaders in 3 areas,

Program Development

Where are you feeling led? We will explore your current portfolio and find the next focus areas that will enhance your already incredible breath of work.

Development & Fundraising Support

Let's collaborate on the story that shares your mission. Together we can fine tune the narrative that will drive additional donor support to fulfill your program goals.

Leadership/Staff Development 

Your team needs your leadership to beat the burnout. Together we can build the support in-house to retain your top talent and build new leaders.

I stand at the ready to support you and the ministry you are called to serve. I traditionally provide 2 core focus area.

Ministry Staff Development

We will build a custom retreats for your team. This experience reduces burnout, provides even more authenticity in your community and can propel you to fulfill God's purpose even more in your ministry!

Creativity Sessions

 Let's dive into what you've done, and where the spirit is moving in you. I will support you by fostering out of the box approaches to facilitate what your being lead to create.